The practice of Yoga is learning to feel between the lines. It is tuning in to the body, breath and mind, both on the mat and off it, in order to learn about ourselves, our habits and our patterns. By gradually dropping preconceptions, new paths appear which lead us to calmer, clearer states of mind; stronger, bendier bodies; and a deeper connection to life itself.

Tom’s public and private sessions create an environment for you to lift the veil and allow the inner witness to show you the way toward these things.

Through rugby, touring with musicians, tree surgery, surfing, cycling, zoology and now full time studies in Yoga & Qigong, with qualifications in Ashtanga (Abhinam School of Yoga), Vinyasa Flow (Mimi Kuo Deemer) and Sacred Energy Arts Qigong (Sifu Matthew Cohen), Tom’s multi faceted path enables him to help people from all walks of life tap into their innate wisdom.